We connect people through the power of the photographic image. 

Photography can act as a catalyst to stimulate engagement to begin to solve some of the complex problems we are facing.

Photography Workshops

Join one of our regular photography groups. 

A new topic is explored each month to set you working on a new exciting project until we meet again.

Working with Us

Creative photography projects can act as a focus to encourage us to get out and about in our closest natural surroundings. It can also help people who are not able to leave their home due to current lockdown rules.

Photography projects can enhance mental wellbeing by connecting us with nature, learning new digital skills and making new social connections.

We run groups online or in person or a combination of both. 

Visual Messaging

Never miss a photographic opportunity again.

With many years of  experience in press and campaigning, we provide training to enhance your images for social media.


'Firstly,  I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to join the Devon Naturally Healthy photo group sessions.It has been an opportunity for me to touch down with others, get out and about with my camera come muddy boots, rain or shine !!   Especially during these unforeseen times we are all going through. I have appreciated all your hard work in planning this photography course, and have thoroughly enjoyed the small friendly group.  With all your knowledge, skills and tips on photography,  I have come away feeling inspired to get out snapping with the camera exploring nature at its best. The sessions have definitely inspired me, not only with my camera but also with Zoom technology skills!!   

Thank you once again. Yours. Colleen'

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today’s session (I enjoy all of them actually) but I was not expecting to be excited about “Abstract/Semi Abstract” at all! I now have a completely different viewpoint and I can’t wait to put it into practice.  I appreciate expanding my experience in all aspects of photography through your sessions and it’s a bit like a great session at the gym, you come away really buzzing!  

Thanks again, Teresa.

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