Vanessa Miles


Vanessa is a freelance photographer and photography educator. She has a long history photographing all things environmental stemming from setting up  The Environmental Picture Library in London way back in 1989. Her love of the environment is coupled with her love of people and how they interact with their environment. Her recent MA was exploring how to use positive environmental imagery to engage the public with climate and biodiversity debates. 

For more about Vanessa: BA,Cert Ed, MA.

Emma Jowett


Emma is an independent consultant and training specialist working with humanitarian agencies at national, regional and international level. She has over 25 years experience working in the field of training and facilitation, developing, delivering and evaluating learning programmes in a variety of technical and thematic areas illustrated in her portfolio of work and remains enthusiastic about her work. The diversity of issues with which she has engaged has given her a unique insight into multiple disciplines, organisations and issues, which enables her to bring a richness of experience to her work. She is a skilled and experienced communicator, who enjoys working with diverse audiences. Her clients include INGOs, UN agencies, the Red Cross Movement, governments, donor agencies and the private sector.

Catherine Rees-Stephan


Having worked as a leader in education for 20 years (including headships of both rural and city schools), Catherine is passionate about the wellbeing of children and families. Over the past five years, Catherine has worked with a multi-agency team to set up the Early Help for Mental Health service across Devon. She currently works as a professional coach and school improvement leader across Devon, Torbay and Plymouth, to strengthen leadership, community engagement and team effectiveness. She also works with individuals to build positive mental health and wellbeing. Catherine’s interests include singing, playing the piano, wild swimming and photography.

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